Communities & Organizations in NYC: Alumni Testimonials

Summer 2013

Name: Janice M. Durrant
Major: Communication Studies
Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2015
Program: Communities & Organizations in NYC Summer 2013
Second Program: South Africa Summer 2014

My name is Janice M. Durrant and I am patiently awaiting graduation in 2015, so that I can move to New York. In a city that is so fast paced, there is no time to take two. While in New York City, I volunteered at Food Network, I interned with the NYC Hampton University Alumni Club, I interned with Sweet Savoring’s jam company, and lastly, I interned in the Press Office for the FDNY.

Janice Durrant NYC Summer 2013

Yes, it was a bit much, especially since I was parenting from another state via Skype and had several day visits to Philadelphia. Nonetheless, I conquered and performed my best, while at all of my positions. I have learned from my experiences that your dreams can come true, but you have to be willing to sacrifice sleep, throw away the shyness in your personality, and go for all that you want with no hesitation. My summer, studying away in New York city started off rocky, I hesitated when it was time to catch the train to different places, which affected my purpose there; yet, that never stopped me from getting off at random stops to see the different areas. Three months into studying away, I moved faster than most, as I became more familiar with the five different boroughs more opportunities were thrown my way. So, as your peer advisor, I will give you insight and suggestions towards how to make your study away in New York City a semester to remember. It’s true, the city never sleeps and there are going to be hundreds of people bumping you to get on the train. The thing is, this is what makes New York such a beautiful place. As a recent student who ha studied away I will only give you the advice that I used to make my travels easier for me. I will only motivate you on the things that I had to overcome. My journey is not filtered because I want you to get the real image and facts of where I had been, so you can identify these same spots once you gain the courage to catch the train or bus to the city. Anything that I have done is something that you can too, as long as you are willing to put the same amount of effort into your explorations.

Summer 2012

Name: Mary Vercillo
Major: Advertising
Graduation Date: Spring 2013
Program: Communities & Organizations in NYC

Hi! My name is Mary Vercillo and I am an Advertising major from Macungie, PA. I studied in NYC during the Summer of 2012.

Mary, New York City, Summer 2012

Mary, New York City, Summer 2012

I decided to attend the Study Away Program even before I accepted my internship for the summer. I have always wanted to get an early start on my career and gain as much experience in the fashion industry as possible and New York City was the place to be! The internship process was long and stressful, but after countless interviews with multiple companies I was officially a Summer marketing intern for Tommy Hilfiger Headquarters in New York! My experience also involved interning at The New-York Historical Society in the Upper West side.
The program itself had me hooked the second I attended an informational meeting. Professor Gratson was our instructor and he has so much enthusiasm and knowledge about NYC! It was a blast and not overwhelming with my internship five days a week. The program took us around NYC and we learned about the neighborhood and institutions that are fundamental to know living in NYC.

Overall, my experience and classes at Marymount College in NYC were amazing and I have memories to share for a lifetime. I highly recommend any Study Away program for the experience you will gain. If you want to read more about my experience view my blog at Or if you have any questions on the program, feel free to contact me via Email.