Welcome to the School of Media and Communication’s Study Away Pre-departure page. This page will be updated frequently with pre-departure information and program details.

Check the following links for specific pre-departure information:

Pre-departure Orientation: Mandatory for all students
Prep List for Study Abroad  Suggested planning list (US Department of State, USDOS)
Pack List for Study Abroad:  Suggested packing list (USDOS)
Understanding Culture Shock via the “Beer Talk” video
Travel Information & Travel Documents
Study Away Forms
Communication: Faculty Directors, Partners Organizations and Facebook Groups
Health & Safety Information
Academic Information
Financial Information
Partner Websites and Presentations

Pre-departure Orientation Details

Plan to attend the Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation

Summer & Fall 2016 orientation date:
Friday, April 1st from 1pm-5pm in the Kiva Auditorium in the Ritter Annex

Partner organizations also provide pre-departure information, often sent directly to students. Some information is available online so you can review the links in the Partner Websites and Presentations section of this page.
Summer & Fall 2015 pre-departure orientation presentation:
Now available for download!

Understanding Culture Shock

A message from SMC’s International Program’s Academic Director, Professor, Jack Klotz

Congratulations!  You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  For those who are drawn to it, travel is enriching, rewarding, and a lot of fun… but this doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Of course, there’s a LOT of work that goes into planning, logistics, packing, and other preparations.  But it is also challenging after you arrive in your destination, especially in the case of Study Away, because you’ll have to adjust to living in a culture that is truly foreign to you.

No matter your destination, don’t expect things to be like home!

“Of course!” you’ll say.  THAT is exactly why you’re going… you want to experience the history of London, the famous warmth of the Irish, the buzz of New York City, the excitement of Hong Kong… all of the things that make those destinations different from home!  Right???

Some of our destinations are not English-speaking countries; others are… but ALL of our destinations have different customs, norms, mores, attitudes, and the like.  Sometimes you’ll really like those differences…

BUT you should be prepared to feel awkward, nervous, frustrated… even angry. Those historic buildings that hold such charm from the distance of the US may start to feel old, and cramped after a couple of weeks or even a few days.  The simple comforts of home that we often take for granted like dependable electricity and plumbing, fast internet, mobile phone service, and friendly and responsive customer service may seem a million miles away… even in a global capital in the “developed world” like London!

If the infrastructure, common practices, or simply just people around you try to take a moment to think if what you’re experiencing is in fact wrong… or if it in fact might simply be a cultural difference.  And if it’s the latter, remind yourself that this is part of the adventure!  It is in the navigating of these differences that you’ll find the most personal growth.  And the practical value of engaging in a Study Away experience is that you’ll not only come back finding yourself more well-versed in the culture of your destination, the experience will demonstrate to potential employers that you are adaptable and flexible enough to be able to successfully navigate a culture that is foreign to your own.

We will talk more about culture shock, how to detect it, how to cope with it and much more during our mandatory pre-departure orientation for the programs, but if you have any questions in the meantime, email us at reach out to one of our SMC Study Away peer advisors who have all “been there and done that” and would be happy to talk to you!

Travel Information and Travel Documents

Booking Flights (recommended websites)

Do not book your flight until instructed to do so by SMC Study Away


Discount websites for students: STA Travel or Student Universe

For flights to/from the US or for travel while studying away: Skyscanner

Special flight offer for Dublin Semester students, via Aer Lingus.

Upon booking your flight you should submit your Flight Information form (available for download on the Study Away Forms page) and, if required, update your flight details on TUTR (more information about TUTR is available below under
Health & Safety Information).

For students requiring visas (even more information is distributed after enrolling in the program)

For some study away programs, you will need a student visa to study or intern abroad. In general, several weeks before you depart, you’ll apply to the consulate of your host country for a visa, and once it’s processed, they’ll stamp the visa inside your passport.  Further information may be available from partner organizations managing programs with visa requirements and you should always defer to the partner organization for information pertaining to visas BEFORE beginning any visa application. Once you’re sure you need to apply for a visa, you should check with the program representative for your program to see if they can help you with the visa process.

Here are some tips to make the visa application process go smoothly:

  • You were required to already have a passport (or applied for it), before enrolling in the program.  This will allow you to start the visa process as soon as it’s possible to begin.
  • If you already have a passport, double-check the expiration date. Your passport will have to be valid for at least six months or sometimes a year beyond the end of your study abroad program.
  • If you’re not a U.S. citizen, make sure to start researching visa requirements for the country you’re planning to travel to as early as possible since there might be additional requirements for you. You should also confirm your entry and exit requirements for the U.S. with immigration officials.
  • Plan to take responsibility for your own visa paperwork, as busy as you are. For many students, dealing with a foreign consulate is their first introduction to the host country and can be a great learning experience–think of it as practice for studying abroad!
  • Visit the links to below to review visa information before you begin.

The following links are available for reference only:

FIE London Semester Visa Guide
Updated regularly prior to the next application cycle

UK Tier 4 Visa Process Overview
Only required for students interning in London during the fall or spring semester

Summer Global Internship Visas
Required for US students interning abroad and for non-US citizens for all/most destinations, including US internship cities

Health & Safety Information

Important information for students studying overseas

Carefully review all of the links below and follow instructions for registering for mandatory health and safety services made available by Temple University.

Review Temple’s ResourcesRisk Management and Insurance
Review International SOS Coverage for Temple students
Visit the USDOS Travel Website and the Center for Disease Control’s Study Abroad page
Review country-specific information sheets to understand safety precautions for each country you plan to visit. Information on crime, security, health, recommended immunizations/prescriptions and medical conditions and the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices in that country are provided.

Complete your registrationTemple University Travel Registry (TUTR)
Complete your registration: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
Complete your registration: HTH Worldwide Insurance

  1. After receiving an email from HTH Worldwide Insurance Services (, immediately follow the instructions provided to sign up for the first time on their site.
  2. Upon completing your registration, you must print your ID card and review the HTH Health Insurance Booklet (PDF).
  3. Parents can also access policy information by registering with student information on the HTH Parents site.

Important information for all students (international and domestic locations)

Study away students are expected to abide by all of Temple’s policies and are subject to the Student Code of Conduct at all times. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with all of Temple’s policies including the following:

Academic Information

Contact information for advisors, review details covered during past appointments and review your degree audit report

SMC Academic Advising
Temple University Academic Advising – For non-SMC students
Advising Database notes – Forget what was said during your advising session?  Review all appointments in the Advising Database.  TUPortal->Student Tools tab->Records->Advising Sessions
Degree Audit Report (DARS) – TUPortal->Student Tools tab->Records->DARS

Resolve holds (preventing registration) and review important dates and procedures (academic calendar, change date of graduation, petition to walk in graduation ceremony):

Resolve holds – ensure holds are removed or we cannot register you for courses
Academic Calendars – may differ from program dates – financial aid follows academic calendar
Change Graduation date (PDF) – change to August to be eligible for financial aid for summer programs, etc.
Petition to walk in May graduation (DOC) – due February 15

Financial Information

The information below is available to assist you in navigating the financial process to funding your study away experience.

Instructions for seeking assistance from Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services has designated two counselors in their office as the “go-to” counselors for SMC Study Away students seeking additional financial aid counseling or appointments leading up to the term you’re studying away.  You may contact these counselors via email to ask questions or set up appointments and be sure to include the following information in your communication:
Study away program (Dublin, for example)
Term (Summer 2016, for example)
Date of acceptance to the program
Fee payment and refund policy document for your program (each program has it’s own document, available for download on the Study Away Forms page)“Go-to” SFS Counselors for SMC Study Away Students: Mickey (Michael) Majzik,
Sharna Patterson, tuf33683@temple.eduPrior to contacting the SFS Counselors, please be sure to review ALL of the links below.

Additional Funding Sources (excluding scholarships) such as:Temple grants, State Grants, Federal Grants, Federal Loans (Perkins, Direct, Parent Plus, etc.) and Private Alternative Loans

Prior to contacting the SFS Counselors, please be sure to review ALL of the links below:

  • Temple Summer Financial Aid is applied automatically in early April on a first-come first-serve basis to eligible students that are registered for courses beginning in Summer 1 until all aid is exhausted and the aid that’s offered, if any, will depend on student’s eligibility.  Temple Grants and Federal Perkins Loans are applied automatically while other types of aid may require forms for authorization and/or additional short applications.
  • Examples of possible summer financial aid funding sources include:
    • Please note: all links listed below can be found on the Student Financial Services Summer Financial Aid page and contain further descriptions than listed here.
    • Temple Grants ($750 or less, typically; only available for students taking courses that begin during Summer 1)
    • Federal Perkins Loans (typically $1200 or less; only available for students taking courses that begin during Summer 1)
    • Federal Pell Grant (eligibility is determined by SFS based on remaining annual eligibility)
    • PHEAA State Grant (other states may offer grants, too, listed at the bottom of this page)
      • Strict summer eligibility requirements: must complete PHEAA online application, must be registered for minimum of six credits, coursework and registration must start in summer 1 and end in summer 2, must submit a letter from SMC Study Away to confirm program dates and awards will not be made until the drop/add period for Summer 2 passes (typically in late July).
    • Federal Direct Loans from the fall and/or spring may be available for reduction (complete the required form from SFS, linked below) for use in the summer if you have not received the maximum amount of Federal Direct Loan eligibility during the previous fall and spring semesters, or have increased in grade level.
    • Federal Direct Summer Parent PLUS Loan – NOTE: Summer Parent PLUS applications are separate from approved fall/spring PLUS applications and should be completed after April 1st for loans for the approaching summer.
    • Private alternative loans: students may apply for alternative student loans through private lenders. Dependent students typically need a credit-worthy co-signer on their loan application and the maximum private alternative loan amount available is your cost of attendance less all other financial aid you expect to receive for the summer.

Additional Funding Sources (excluding scholarships) such as:
Temple grants, State Grants, Federal Grants, Federal Loans (Perkins, Direct, Parent Plus, etc.) and Private Alternative Loans

Additional Financial Planning Resources including:Financing Study Away (and Scholarship Advising) Information Sessions, billing due dates, accepting awards/scholarships in SSB, refunds during study away, Veteran Affairs & the GI Bill, fundraising for study away, and more!

SFS Study Away Information
Accepting awards/scholarship in SSB (Self-Service Banner)
Academic Calendars – may differ from program dates – financial aid follows academic calendar
Calculate your tuition and fees – rates vary by number of credits registered for (summer/part-time only), school or college, student level, residency, etc.
Due dates for bills – billing schedule depends on semester/summer session of your program
Refunds while studying away – sign up for direct deposit: TUPortal->Student Tools->Student Accounts->Direct Deposit
Tuition Rates (PDF) – tuition is the same as Main Campus, but programs fees will vary by program, so you must visit each program page directly
Additional Financial Planning Resources including:
Financing Study Away (and Scholarship Advising) Information Sessions, billing due dates, refunds during study away, Veteran Affairs & the GI Bill, fundraising for study away, and more!

Managing Money while studying away

Budgeting while Studying Away
Currency Converter
Travelex Cash Passport
 – “Chip & Pin” enabled, multi-currency, reloadable, pre-paid Mastercard (check fees)

Study Away Forms

Should you need to refer to any of the forms you submitted (or will submit) to enroll in the program, including fee payment and refund policies or flight information forms, please find direct links below:

Partner Websites and Presentations

Visit the links and review the documents posted below for each specific program.

Partner details and program specific pre-departure information

Dublin (study only) or Dublin Fall & Spring Semester
Partner Information: Foundation for International Education
Dublin pre-departure information
Dublin pre-departure video presentations: Summer or Semester

Global Internships
Barcelona, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and domestic cities:
Pre-departure information:
Visit the DCI Career Connect site and navigate to the ‘My Details’ tab

DCI Internship Database Access is also available via Career Connect.DCI General Information

Previous Year’s Program Information (behind the scenes):

Partner website: Foundation for International Education

London pre-departure information

London pre-departure video
Pre-departure Presentations: Summer or Fall/Spring