South Africa Program Costs

South Africa Program Costs

What is included on your Temple Bill:

  • Tuition for full-time undergraduate SMC students (6 credits)*
    PA state residents: $3,828
    Out-of-state residents: $5,784
  • Graduate Tuition
    PA state residents: $865 per credit hour
    Out-of-state residents: $1,163 per credit hour
  • Fees (for all students):
    Program fee: TBD
    University Services Fee: $155
    International Insurance Fee: $56

Estimated totals for billed expenses (for undergraduate SMC students):
PA state residents: To be determined
Out-of-state residents: To be determined

Included in the tuition and program fee:

  • To be determined

What is not billed to your Temple account:

  • Passport, new: $120+
  • Passport, renewal: $85+
  • Meals: $440. This will vary depending on style of living.
  • Mobile phone rental: $200
  • Daily expenses: $600. This will vary depending on style of living.
  • International Student Identity Card: $25
  • Round-trip airfare from Philadelphia: $1,500-$2,000

*Please note that the tuition rates listed above are simply an example of the applicable tuition rates for a student whose home school is the School of Media and Communication. All students are strongly encouraged to calculate their individual tuition rate.