AVCHD: Putting your footage into Final Cut Pro

Copy entire contents of your card to an appropriately titled folder on your hard drive. Once it has finished copying, open Final Cut Pro and create a new project by going to File > New Project.


Go to File > Save Project As… and save your new project with a descriptive title (e.g., include the show you are working on and the segment’s title).


Set your scratch disk to the appropriate hard drive (either your own external hard drive or an internal drive on the computer) by going to Final Cut Pro > System Settings.


Click Set (highlighted in green below) and navigate to your preferred drive. When you’re done, click OK.


Next, go to File > Log and Transfer.


Click the gear icon in the upper middle potion of the window and select Preferences, as highlighted in red below.


Check under AVCHD Plugin and make sure “Apple ProRes 422” and “Matrix Stereo” are selected, then click OK.


Click the folder icon in the upper left part of the window (highlighted in red below), then select the folder containing the contents of your card and click Open.


Your clips will appear in the left side of the window as a list. Select the clips you want to edit and drag them from the list into the box labeled Drag media here. The new, transcoded media is saved in the scratch drive location previously selected.


Drag your footage from the bin into your sequence.

Now you are ready to edit! Read the next tutorial after you’ve finished editing.