Exporting from Final Cut Pro and compressing for the web using Compressor

Does the computer you are working on have Compressor? If it does, use the tutorial below. If not, use the Exporting and compressing using Final Cut Pro tutorial.


Once you are finished editing your footage, give your sequence a descriptive title and go to File > Send to > Compressor.


Compressor will automatically open with your sequence, as shown below highlighted in green.


Look for the Settings window (shown above as the bottom left window). If it did not automatically open with Compressor, go to Window > Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings window. In the Custom folder, there should be the following settings profiles:

  • Master File – Apple ProRes 422
  • Web Upload HD
  • Web Upload SD
  • Web Upload SD DV Anamorphic

If these settings are not there, click here to download them. Unzip this file after downloading. If you are having trouble downloading or unzipping the file, email bella@temple.edu.


Drag the settings files into the Custom folder in the Settings window of Compressor as shown below. If the files aren’t recognized by Compressor, read this tutorial to manually create a custom setting.


Then drag Master File – Apple ProRes 422 from the Settings window to where it says Drag Settings and Destinations Here. Do the same with the corresponding Web Upload settings as indicated below.

any High Definition footageWeb Upload HD
DV NTSC (4:3 aspect ratio)Web Upload SD
DV NTSC AnamorphicWeb Upload SD DV Anamorphic


To change where these files are saved, right click on Source > Destination > Other and select the appropriate folder.


Then hit Submit.

After Compressor is done with your video, play both files to see that they exported and compressed properly. Read the next tutorial to upload your work to Vimeo.