HD: Manually Create Custom Setting for Web Compression

Use this tutorial ONLY if you are having trouble downloading or using the zip file of custom settings provided.

Click the plus (+) button (highlighted in green below) in the Settings window and select QuickTime Movie.


Then click the Encoder botton in the Inspector window. Enter the title as Web Upload HD. Then click the Settings… button next to Video.


Set the Compression Type to H.264, and set the Data Rate to Restrict to 5000 kbits/sec, then click OK.


Next click the Settings… button next to Audio (highlighted in the Encoder screenshot above in orange). Set the Format > AACRate > 44.100, Quality > Best, and Target Bit Rate > 320 kbps.


Then click the Frame Controls botton in the Inspector window. Click the button highlighted in orange below, then select On next to Frame Controls. Set Output Fields > Progressive and Rate Conversion > Fast (Nearest frame).


Click the Geometry button and change the Frame Size > 1280 x 720 and Pixel Aspect > Square. Then press Save.


Then go to Edit > Select All to select all your video clips and drag your new custom settings from the Settings window to where it says Drag Settings and Destinations Here.


Then hit Submit.

After Compressor is done with your video, play both files to see that they exported and compressed properly. Read the next tutorial to upload your work to Vimeo.