Using Multiple Types of Footage in One Final Cut Pro Project

There are several ways to work with using multiple footage types in one Final Cut project. The rule of thumb is to convert/transcode to a single common format, the standard being Apple Pro Res, a single frame rate, pixel dimension, etc. that is typically determined by the one type of video that you have the most of.

More tips:

  • Choose video and audio project properties based on how you intend to share your final movie with your audience. For example, if you’re editing a project with mixed-format media and you intend to share it as 1080p HD, you should set your project’s video properties to 1080p HD.
  • If you’re unsure of the final distribution format, the most important decision you can make before creating your project is choosing your project’s frame rate. It’s easy to change the format and the frame size of your project at any time, but changing the frame rate can cause all the edit points in your project to shift in time.
  • If you have a clip that matches the video and audio properties of the format in which you intend to share your project, add this clip to your project first. Final Cut Pro automatically creates matching project settings. This saves you time by preventing you from having to change your project settings later.