Applicants for undergraduate admission into the School of Media and Communication will be considered directly from high school or as transfer students from other college programs at any time during the year. Please visit related links on the right to find additional information concerning assistance with student life and learning, transferring and academic resources.

The School of Media and Communication is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse educational opportunity for all students. Students with disabilities and learning differences are encouraged to apply.
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Apply Online

You can apply online for admission to Temple University and the School of Media and Communication by clicking the appropriate link below:

Steve Charles Scholarship

Established in 2011. 3.0 GPA recommended.

  • Open to incoming SMC freshmen students in any major with financial need, who graduated from a high school in an urban school district, with a strong preference for students who have a demonstrated interest in business, entrepreneurship, technology and urban media.
  • Award amount varies.
  • Click here to apply for the Steve Charles Scholarship.

For Students Interested in Transferring to Temple’s SMC

For students who want to transfer to Temple University’s School of Media and Communication, please visit Temple’s Admissions web site.

Everything you need to know about applying to Temple is there. You can also book a tour to the campus, check out majors, read student blogs and more.
Click here to learn about transfer credits.

For Students Seeking to Re-Enroll at SMC

Students who have not been enrolled at Temple for more than one semester need to apply for re-enrollment.

How Do I Return to SMC?

Fill out a Re-Enrollment Form
The first step in returning to Temple’s School of Media and Communication is to complete a re-enrollment form and send it in to SMC Student Affairs/Advising.
Click here to download the re-enrollment form.

The Process:

  • Apply to the School/College in which you are interested.
  • Receive a letter indicating acceptance or denial.
  • All holds must be cleared, as a decision cannot be made if holds exist on the account.
  • If accepted, student must make an hour appointment with an SMC Academic Advisor, as outlined in the acceptance letter.
  • If the student attended any other university during their time away from Temple, he or she needs to provide an official transcript to the contact listed on the re-enrollment application.
  • If the student was out more than one semester due to a medical leave, medical clearance must be submitted to the SMC Student Affairs/Advising Center from your health provider.

If you have been out for more than one semester and you are not on an approved Leave of Absence, you must follow the requirements that are currently in place in the university and your program. If any of your major credits are ten or more years old, you will be required to formally petition to the department of your major that they be allowable toward your degree. There is no guarantee that credits ten or more years old will be accepted.